Vaseline On Nail Fungus - Choose The Best Healing Method For You

Published: 23rd September 2009
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To heal fungus toenail, let's have a look at a short list of treatments available to folks who are on the lookout for a fungus toenail treatment. There are different streams of treatments to heal fungus toenail and their efficacy ranges in an appropriate way.

Before you begin any fungus toenail treatment, get a correct diagnosis from your physician. Assorted non-fungus related skin conditions or bacterial infections may lead you to have fungus toenail-like symptoms.

After a confirmed diagnosis, you'll opt for prescription medications. Diflucan, Lamicil and Sporanox form a grouping of most used oral drugs to battle fungus toenail infections. Once prescribed, they're simple to use. Close medical monitoring for drug toxicity must be ready. The price of these prescriptions runs high ( especially if you have got to pay for them yourself ).

A more radical fungus toenail treatment is a surgical removal of infected nails.

Natural cures And Home Remedy selections

If you like to cure fungus toenail in a more natural way, there are fungus toenail treatments folks have used with invention ( and various degrees of success ) for years . Some of the less convenient are procedures of soaking feet in solutions that are believed to be antifungal.

Chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar mixed with water are a few examples. Some people tried Vicks VapoRub Vaseline and even Listerine ( routinely used as a mouthwash ) as topical antifungal applications. Even though unconfirmed, some toenail fungus sufferers vouch for drinking apple cider vinegar two times a day to heal fungus toenail.

Keep in mind, though, the most crucial focus for a successful fungus toenail treatment is getting the treatment outside the nail to the fungus.

Natural essential oils have proven to be effective for folks who need to cure fungus toenail without spending a fortune. Tea Tree oil is a well known oil from "down under" ( Australia ). It has strong antiseptic properties. Other oils that work phenomenally well in synergy with Tea Tree oil are : Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Lemongrass, Undecylenic greasy Acid and Clove Oil.

No matter which fungus toenail treatment is right for you, prevention is the ideal cure of all. Taking care of your feet and applying straightforward self-care routines will help you build the 1st steps to heal fungus toenail.

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